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Gas Boilers VS Oil Boilers: Which One Should I Choose?

Whether you have an old boiler in your home or are looking to remodel your property, the time may well have come to install a brand-new heating system. 

If this is the case, you’ll be inundated with choice in the modern age, with various types of boiler on offer and a host of different fuel sources including gas, oil and electric. 

Gas and oil-fire boilers offer the two most cost-effective options, however, and they’re likely to dominate your thoughts as a home-owner. Here are some key considerations that will enable you to make an informed decision: 

1. Cost, Cost and Cost Again! 

It’s important that we start with cost, as there’s little point in considering the gas and oil heating systems if one of these options will require you to spend outside of your means. 

In purely financial terms, gas serves as the most cost-effective fuel source on the market, with the average UK household spending an estimated £550 per annum on this type of system. 

Oil is the next most competitively priced fuel source, with this powering a typical domestic heating system for an average price of £700 each year. 

So, whilst both of these fuel sources are relatively cost-effective and certainly cheaper than electricity, it’s gas that offers households the most obvious savings over time. 

2. Space and Individual Heating System Components 

Whilst gas and oil heating systems work in very similar ways, as they’re underpinned by a compact boiler unit to deliver heating and a regular supply of hot water. 

However, there’s a slight difference in that the installation of an oil-fired boiler will also require you to fit an additional storage tank. This is designed to hold the oil that fuels your heating system, and it’s necessary to deliver a regularly supply of energy within the home. 

Now, this will require you to identify additional space in your home, particularly if you want to invest in a larger tank that enables you to buy oil in bulk and make genuine cost savings. 

3. What About Energy Efficiency? 

Last but not least, we come to the complex topic of efficiency. As we’ve already touched on, there’s little difference between oil and gas in this respect, as both are considered to be efficient and cost-effective fuel sources. 

Whilst gas has the edge in some respects, oil is particularly energy efficient when used in the very latest boiler models, whilst it also allows you to minimise waste and your household’s carbon emissions. 

However, if you reside in an area that’s connected to the national grid, there’s no doubt that gas remains the most energy efficient fuel source and one that offers the best possible savings. 

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Regardless of which boiler type you choose; you’ll need to identify a reputable and accredited engineer to manage the installation process and subsequent maintenance of your heating system. 

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