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Should I Repair or Replace My Boiler?

Not only do boilers represent a significant financial investment, but they can also be temperamental appliances even at the best of times. 

Boilers also tend to become slightly less reliable and efficient over time, and as they begin to develop faults it can be difficult to determine whether you should invest in a repair or consider replacing the unit. 

We’ll explore this further below, whilst appraising the key considerations that should inform your final decision! 

1. Safety Should Always Come First 

Let’s start with the basics; as safety should always be your number one watchword when considering whether to repair or replace your boiler. 

In this respect, you should call on a Gas Safe-registered engineer to inspect your malfunctioning boiler. They’ll then be able to recommend the right course of action, whether this means carrying out a safe and effective repair or considering upgrading to a brand-new unit. 

If there’s any doubt that your existing boiler may provide a future risk to you, your loved ones and the house in which you live, it’s important to have this replaced as soon as possible. 

2. Which Decision is the Most Cost-Effective? 

If your boiler is deemed to be safe, the next step is to determine which course of action is the most cost-effective. 

This will depend largely on the age of your boiler, as older units may require replacement parts that are costly and hard to source. At the same time, this type of boiler may break down more often, creating cumulative repair costs that amount to more than the price of a new unit. 

Conversely, newer boilers are unlikely to develop serious faults, whilst they may also be covered by the terms of an extended manufacturers’ warranty. 

3. Reduce your Energy Bills with a New Boiler 

This leads us neatly onto the subject of efficiency, which is a key consideration that has a direct impact on your monthly energy bills. 

In simple terms, modern, A-rated boilers are thought to be more than 90% efficient, whereas older and non-condensing units tend to operate at efficiency levels of between 55% and 70%. 

In purely financial terms, this translates into annual energy savings of up to £300, whilst you can further boost your savings by minimising the likelihood of unscheduled repair works. 

Let PCP Building and Restoration Ltd Inform your Choice! 

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