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Tips for Designing a Brand New Bathroom

If you’re renovating or remodelling your home interior, the way in which you approach this project will depend largely on your underlying objectives. However, there are some home improvements that add universal value to your home, whether you want to create your dream living space or put the property on the market. Take the design and installation of a brand-new bathroom, for example, which introduces a sense of luxury to your home and can deliver an ROI of up to 48%. But how should you go about designing your brand-new bathroom space? Here are some ideas: - 

1. Choose the Right Colours 

Whilst some aspects of your new bathroom installation may need to be managed by an accredited service provider, there are others that you can take full responsibility for. The colour scheme that you choose is entirely down to your own tastes and preferences, for example, whilst your selection of shades and hues will help you to create the desired mood in your bathroom space. Pastel shades such as mint green and duck egg blue are incredibly soothing, for example, whilst you should avoid colours like red as they create feelings of excitement and high energy. 

2. Make the Best Use of your Space 

Whether you live in a large property or a compact new-build home, it’s imperative that you make the most of your space when designing a new bathroom. In fact, this should inform every aspect of your design, from the precise layout that you choose to the size and style of the features that you install. This way, you can optimise the sense of space in smaller properties, whilst ensuring that you create a functional and luxurious bathroom in instances where you have a larger room at your disposal. 

3. Get the Lighting Right 

Make no mistake; lighting can have a significant impact on your bathroom design, and there are a couple of key factors to keep in mind. The first of these is the position of your bathroom mirror, as this will reflect the natural and synthetic light in the space and can help to make the room appear bigger when used correctly. You also need to consider the wide range of lighting options available and the precise shape of the room, so that you can make an informed decision that really delivers value! 

How PCP Building and Restoration Ltd Can Help your New Bathroom Installation 

At PCP Building and Restoration Ltd, we have years of experience in the plumbing and heating industry, and this makes us ideally placed to manage your bathroom installation on your behalf. Serving customers in East Grinstead, Tunbridge Wells, Crawley, Redhill, Horsham and Horley, our engineers are fully Gas Safe registered and therefore fully insured to work safely and to a high standard in your home. To find out more, give us a call today on 01342 895399 or 07983 959669, or shoot us an email to and request your quote in writing.